Tiger Haven Neighbors

Better for the cats, better for the community!


Welcome to Tiger Haven Neighbors.  The purpose of this website is to create a media venue for the neighbors around Tiger Haven to voice their concerns regarding the humane treatment of the cats, environmental impact from the facility, and safety concerns.

We the neighbors of Tiger Haven are NOT in any way against the cats themselves. Some of us have even worked at the facility in the past.  We are upset at the mess the people have made with the mismanagement of the facility and the lack of concern from the government agencies to address these issues.  This web site is for the purpose of voicing what we the Tiger Haven Neighbors view as an imminent danger to the cats, the environment, and people that live and interact in the area around the facility.

We hope that the information on this site will help you understand our frustration with Tiger Haven and TWRA.  We will be continuing to post new information and building our web site in the days to come.  Please come back regularly for new developments.

Thank you for stopping by!